Renault Cars With R-Link Tablet

Renault presented the R-Link tablet in France during the LeWeb consumer electronics show, an integrated Android device will be integrated into the forthcoming Renault Clio 4 as well as all the new future car models.


R-Link is a telematics platform that is voice-activated with a 7-inch touchscreen panel.
Seven-inch device can be controlled by Buttons on the steering wheel, Touchscreen or by Voice Recognition, providing car owners navigation, social and entertainment functionalities. The device will have access to the vehicles telemetry information and will have mobile connectivity, allowing a number of mobile services to be delivered.

An initial 50 apps is available for download within the tablet with more expected to come. To help push developers into creating new applications for the R-Link tablet, Renault has also announced a partnership with Laboratoire Paris Region Innovation to create an incubator for start-ups specialising in mobility-related connected services. Renault has yet to discuss pricing for the device, except to say that it will be made available “at an unrivalled low price.”



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