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Action To Save Internet

Stop Online Piracy Act (SOPA) and the Senate’s PROTECT IP Act (PIPA) — would have a disastrous effect on online freedom of speech. In other words, SOPA act will censor you from accessing certain websites and block all access to other areas of the internet that the United States government does not want you to access. If we will just… Read more →


Alex Jones`s Documentary: Operation ENDGAME

For the New World Order, a world government is just the beginning. Once in place they can engage their plan to exterminate 80% of the world’s population, while enabling the “elites” to live forever with the aid of advanced technology. For the first time, crusading filmmaker ALEX JONES reveals their secret plan for humanity’s extermination: Operation ENDGAME. Read more →


The Imposition of Martial Law

This recent news broadcast, and stories like it appearing all over the country, are not being presented for no reason. We are being prepared for the imposition of Martial Law by our government, a government that is no longer represents We The People and one that cannot be trusted. The people in control of our government right now have everything… Read more →