Tips How To Live 100 Years

New research form Denmark has shown it is likely that most babies born in high income countries after 2000 will see their 100th birthday, living on average 20 more years than those born before.

The number of centenarians has increased rapidly since the 1950s. In Denmark, 42% more of the 1905 birth cohort made it to 100 years of age compared to the 1895 cohort.

The Longitudinal Study of Danish Centenarians included all persons who reached the age of 100 years in the period from April 1, 1995 through May 31, 1996 (a total of 276 persons). In total, 207 persons participated in the survey (75%). The Danish 1905 Cohort Survey included all individuals born in Denmark in 1905. At baseline in 1998, a total of 2262 persons participated in the intake survey (63%). In total, 225 of 364 persons (62%) who reached their 100th birthday in the cohort participated in the most recent 2005 wave. Basic activities of daily living and physical activities of daily living were assessed in both cohorts. Check out helpful tips below in image and wait for your 100th birthday. Enjoy!

how can you live to 100


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