The First Smartwatch

Blue Sky has announced the touchscreen I’m Watch, an Android 1.6-powered device that allows you to pair with your phone to make calls from your wrist. It works with iPhones and Android devices (syncs with your smartphone via Bluetooth). Status updates are directly fed into one of the screens of the watch.


I’m Watch allows users to write text messages, email, tweet, check up on Facebook status updates, etc. You can even make and receive phone calls, thanks to the built-in speaker. The watch has a square 240 pixel face that measures 1.5″. The watch has 4GB of storage and 64MB of RAM.


It comes in two flavors, the I’m Color series in red, yellow, blue green, pink, black and white which will sell for 354 USD, while the I’m Jewel series comes in gold, pink gold, white gold, titanium, or encrusted with diamonds from 853 USD up to 21,325 USD.

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