History of Santa

Santa Claus, also known as Saint Nicholas, Father Christmas, Kris Kringle, and simply “Santa”, is a figure with legendary, mythical, historical origins who bring`s gifts to the homes of the good children during the late evening and overnight hours of Christmas Eve, December 24.


According to a tradition which can be traced to the 1820s, Santa Claus lives at the North Pole, with a large number of magical elves, and nine (originally eight) flying reindeer.
Santa Claus has been believed to make a list of children throughout the world, categorizing them according to their behavior( good or bad) and to deliver presents to all of the good children in the world on the single night of Christmas Eve. He accomplishes this with the aid of the elves who make the toys in the workshop and the reindeer who pull his sleigh.

Merry Christmas To Everybody and Happy New Year!

marry xmas


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