RGB Flexible LED Lights

It`s christmas time and everything must (well at least it`s expect to) be shiny, in every possible color! And with RGB flexible LED strip series which allows you to address each and every LED individually, creating splendid color patters you can make extraordinary holiday spirit in your neighborhood.

– Use high quality 3528 single color SMD LEDs
– Can be cut and marked intervals
– 3M self-adhesive tape on the back


Synoptic Labs LED hack is an addressable RGB LED strip light based on the HL1606 controller chip. The HL1606 driver chip is the key component as this chip allows for individual control of the LEDs on the strip and also supports fade-in/fade-out effects.

Don`t forget to check the house with 54.000 RGB LED Lights!

Visit SuperBrightLeds.com if you want “christmas house” like it was in the video. N`joy!


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