Xbox 720

Microsoft has finally confirmed the Xbox 720 is going to be released and is actually being worked on currently. Xbox 720 should present an unparalleled experience for anyone who currently enjoys the Xbox 360.


Several Microsoft officials have already hinted that the Xbox 720 will be performing in an elite team to make sure the gamer gets everything they could possibly want. It is possible that Microsoft, in collaboration with Windows will have Windows 8 configured into the Xbox 720 making it a computer in itself as well as a games console.

It will be able to hold 3 games at the time, it will have 4 USB ports. 1TB of hard drive space (removable), Built-in full body motion sensor, wireless charging pad. Controller is reportedly going to stay the same but it will include stereo speakers, for motion control there is gyroscope!
Xbox 720 could be far more advanced than we realize!


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