Android Smartphone For Less Than 50$

Spreadtrum Communications Inc is a company based in Shanghai which manufactures chips for mobile phones. They have announced the commercial availability of two low-cost Android smartphone platforms, the SC8805G and the SC6810. Phones are based on a low power, cost efficient architecture that lower total phone cost to US$40-50, well below currently available smartphones.

SC8805G and SC6810 are “armed” with:
– CPU: 600mhz ARM9
– OS: Android 2.2
– Camera with 5MP
– Video: MPEG4
– Connectivity: Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
– GPS system
– TV and Radio streaming also available


The SC8805G and SC6810 mark Spreadtrum’s entry into the smartphone category,” said Dr. Leo Li, Spreadtrum’s president and chief executive officer. “We have combined our expertise in 40nm baseband platforms and highly integrated systems to deliver a low-cost solution in a new price segment that will make smartphone devices more accessible to consumers in China and emerging markets.”

SC8805G will be available only in China, while platform SC6810 is ready for the world market. First smartphones by Spreadtrum Communications will be ready in spring 2012.


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