Google Announces Dart

google dart

Dart (originally is called Dash) is a new programming language for structured web programming developed by Google. It will be unveiled at the GoTo conference in Aarhus, Denmark, on October 10 and another two weeks later in Portland, Oregon.

Modern programming languages are often designed without considerations for the underlying execution engines. In many cases, this leads to systems that are slow, complicated, memory bloated, and therefore error prone. This talk will present a new structured web programming language where the underlying virtual machine has been designed along with the language.

The goal of Dart is to replace JavaScript as the main built-in scripting language in web browsers. In the opinion of Google Javascript offers many problems. For example there are some performance problems but also there are some problems with the new tooling for big projects. For Google there are two possible options, improve the already existing Javascript implementation slowly which would probably take a lot of time or create a new type of language for the Web, and here comes Dart into play.

They will try to solve JavaScript’s problems while offering better performance, the ability to be more easily tooled for large-scale projects and better security features.
They are developing a cloud-based IDE called Brightly, that will perhaps be the first Dart application. Google will offer a cross compiler that compiles Dart to ECMAScript 3 on the fly, for compatibility with non-Dart browsers. There will also be a facility to convert typed closure code to Dart. Google will also integrate a Dart VM into Chrome and encourage competitors to do the same with their browsers. The Dart VM and Dart Cross Compiler could be available in late 2011.


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