Aim Sound The Way You Aim Light

Inventor Woody Norris talks about his inventions relating to sound. What if you could aim sound the way you aim light? The sound that you’re hearing, unlike a regular speaker on which all the sound is made on the face, is made out in front of it, in the air. The air is not linear, as we’ve always been taught. You turn up the volume just a little bit (little over 80 decibels) and all of a sudden the air begins to corrupt signals you propagate. Here’s why: the speed of sound is not a constant. It’s fairly slow. It changes with temperature and with barometric pressure.


I have this little slogan that I use a lot, which is: virtually nothing — and I mean this honestly — has been invented yet. We’re just starting. We’re just starting to really discover the laws of nature and science and physics. – Woody Norris


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