AMD FX Bulldozer

The long anticipated AMD FX ‘Bulldozer’ processor`s are finnaly here, with the core specifically aimed at 10-watt to 125-watt TDP computing products. Bulldozer is a completely new design. AMD claims dramatic performance-per-watt improvements in HPC applications with Bulldozer cores. Desktop products implementing the Bulldozer core were released on October 12, 2011.


Bulldozer was designed to balance performance, cost and power consumption on multi threaded applications. The architecture focuses on high frequency and resource sharing to achieve optimal throughput and blistering speed in next generation applications. AMD FX Processors offer up to eight high performance, power-efficient cores.

Other specifcations:
– 128 KB of Level1 Cache, 16 KB/Core, 64-byte cacheline, 4-way associative, write-through
– 8 MB of Level2 Cache, 2 MB/”Bulldozer” module, 64-byte cacheline, 16-way associative

Integrated Northbridge which controls:
– 8 MB of Level3 Cache, 64-byte cacheline, 16-way associative, MOESI
– Two 72-bit wide DDR3 memory channels
– Four 16-bit receive/16-bit transmit HyperTransport™ links



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