1 comment for “HP Touchpad Review

  1. danielle
    10/07/2011 at 9:20 pm

    the HP Touchpad is the best tablet I’ve used, it’s clearly better hardware wise than the iPad 2: faster processor 1.5GHz clocked down to 1.2GHz versus 1.0 GHz iPad, stereo speakers with Beats Audio super sound versus iPad mono speaker, front 1.3mp HD camera with 4 times resolution of iPad’s 0.3mp VGA camera, double the RAM (1GB vs. iPad 512MB), wireless charging built-in to Touchpad with optional Touchstone dock, etc. The webOS operating system is much nicer and easier to use than iOS: real multitasking, simple card app metaphor, onscreen keyboard has both letters and numbers on same screen versus iPad switching screens, Synergy connects all your online accounts. Built-in Facebook native tablet app, 50GB free Box.net cloud storage, free AngryBirds HD, …

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