Magic Bathroom Mirror

You will soon be able to use a Magic Mirror instead of taking your mobile computer into the bathroom. On average we spend an hour in the bathroom every day and the magic mirror is designed to capitalize on that time by letting you surf the web in the bathroom. Microsoft Kinect’s movement tracking and voice recognition provides the human-computer interface. Additional interaction is provided through objects (skin care products, prescriptions) with RFID tags that are recognized by the system.
It can be used while you brush your teeth, blow dry your hair, or take your meds. Far from being a device that can only be used to surf, the magic mirror is basically everything you’d want from a bathroom computer. You can use it to check your email or calendar, but you can also use it to go shopping or check on your social networks.

magic mirror

Magic Mirror is a fantastic prototype that has been built entirely from commodity parts, from an LCD display-cum-mirror, Microsoft Kinect and a healthy dollop of ingeniousness. Once the software is complete, there’s no reason such a device couldn’t be rolled out immediately and for only a few hundred dollars. Such an interface could work well in any public spaces.If you combined the magic mirror with facial recognition you would have a killer combo, too: the mirrors could act as public terminals, where you can log in by simply walking in front of it, check your email and the latest news, and then log out by walking away.


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