Ricoh Pro C751EX

ricoh pro

Ricoh Pro C751EX, with its print speed of 75 pages per minute in a color, being able to print media from 52.3 to 300g/m2 *2 and from postcard-size to 13 × 19.2 inches. Ricoh Pro C751EX series,with a printing resolution of 1,200 dpi × 4,800 dpi. C751EX has large LCD color display will provide you with a comfortable operating environment. These finishing options will help customers automate their printing job. The new models utilize PxP color toner, which is utilized in the Ricoh Pro C901 series with very high image quality and with its printing able to print 90 pages per minute, which was released in October 2010. I wish you great business success!

Ricoh Pro C751EX Series introduction

Dont forget to check out the Image quality video.


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