Russian Scientist Claims To Have Developed Age Defying Medicine

Professor Vladimir Skulachev says he managed to find an anti-oxidant that stops the gradual deterioration of health caused by age.It looks complicated and it certainly is. For Vladimir Skulachev it is almost a life’s work. Two more years of testing and the doctor thinks he will have finally cracked the enigma of aging.Apparently it’s all about how oxygen reacts in the body.“99% of the time oxygen turns into harmless water, but there’s that one percent that turns into a super-oxide that later turns into very poisonous elements,” Vladimir Skulachev, Professor of Bioenergetics, reveals. “So the task was to find an anti-oxidant that stops that process.”
Nobel Prize winner Dr. Gunter Blobel, M.D., Ph.D. at Rockefeller University, believes Skulachev’s theories look very realistic.“It has been shown that oxidative damage is huge. But we do not have an anti-oxidant of the type that Skulachev has developed. He coined the term bioenergetics. He is clearly the world’s best bio-chemist and bio-energetic scientist,” Blobel stated.The compound has already undergone animal testing and the results appear promising.Rats that have been given the drug are much more lively than those not treated.

“Finally, we hope that we will manage to convince people that a single pill treats many threats of aging. So, it must be doing something with the aging itself,” Maksim Skulachev Cand. Sc. (Biology) explains. “Then, if authorities will accept this logic, maybe we could somehow market it as anti-aging drug.”
Thousands are queuing to take part in the clinical trials, which have just begun. But it will be a few years before Dr Skulachev’s discovery reaches the shelves of an average pharmacy.


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