AST SmartDataSafe

The smallest certified datacenter in the world. A unique combination of 5TB storage, remote monitoring, access control, sms/email warning, integrated ventilation and protection from fire, water or maybe even vandalism! Just like a blackbox You won`t have to worry from now on for your important data, cause it will be save 24/7 with almost indestructible AST`s SmartDataSafe!

Width 17” / 432 mm. Depth 25” / 635 mm.
Height 13U / 22,75” / 577mm.
Weight: 119lb. / 54Kg.

AST`s SmartDataSafe Specifications:
Resistant to fire in accordance to the heating curve of EN 1047-1 standard.
Ensures thermal stability and relative humidity performance.
Fully modular and scalable. Fits hard drives from 500GB up to 4TB.
USB/Firewire Ethernet connection-ready.
Front LEDs show disk status.
Fully compatible with Windows, Linux, other OS and any other backup programs.
Integrated with PROWARE continuous data backup software.
Can be customised to meet the customers requirements.
The closes itself down when sensors detect abnormal parameters
(temperature, movement, door opening, relative humidity, etc).



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