Ultimate Data Security With LaCie CloudBox


The LaCie CloudBox is perfect for safely storing and backing up data. Just copy your documents, photos, movies, and music to your CloudBox, and they will automatically be securely backed up online!
The CloudBox itself has only a 100GB hard drive, power jack and Ethernet port, nothing less and nothing more. The Ethernet port is used to connect the CloudBox to your router, where it becomes accessible as Network Attached Storage. Your computer can then back up the important information it needs over your local network. And where all the magic happens? Right here! The CloudBox will then automatically upload the contents of the external drive to a server operated by LaCie.
And don`t worry about the integrity of your data, the copy that gets uploaded to the server is encrypted, using AES encryption algorithms.


What if my computer fails?
– if your computer fails, you can just pull your backups right off of the CloudBox!

What if my computer and my CloudBox fail?
– if your CloudBox and your computer fail, then LaCie makes the ten most recent editions of your data available for download using their Online Restore Software.

Wanna know how LaCie CloudBox works? Check out this video..

.. or visit LaCie CloudBox.com

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