Windows Phone 7.6 Tango

In the first deacade of February Microsoft announced new version of mobile operation system called Windows Phone 7.6 Tango. It will support 120 world languages. You will be able to send more pictures through MMS, ability to transfer your contacts direct to SIM card. All other applications according to Microsoft will remain the same. This version will be like upgrade of allready remained operation system. That means we shouldn`t expect any revolutionary changes on this OS. First smarpthones with operation system Tango will be available this fall.

There are rumors on web that Windows Phone 7.6 Tango will be only on low-price smartphones, which are “armed” with cameras up to 3 million pixels and system memory only up to 256MB. That`s why it will be integrated application that will warn you if your memory is allmost full. But if we look at it`s design it will be very user-friendly on first sight if we take look at these pictures which arrived on web not to long ago.





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