ZigBee Lock

Yale was showing off the newest version of their Z-Wave/ZigBee lock, which supports NFC. What is Z-Wave? Z-Wave is a proprietary wireless communications protocol designed for home automation, specifically to remote control applications in residential and light commercial environments. The technology uses a low-power RF radio embedded or retrofitted into home electronics devices and systems, such as lighting, home access control, entertainment systems and household appliances.

Opening of a Z-Wave enabled door lock can de-activate a security system and turn on lights when children arrive home from school, and send a notification to a parent’s PC or cell phone via the Internet. Opening a Z-Wave enabled garage door can trigger exterior and interior home lights, while a Z-Wave motion detector can trigger an outdoor security light and a webcam, which would allow the end user to monitor the home while away. I would recommend it for every home!

If you want to see more of this incredible applications visit Z-Wave.com !


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