ZTE T98 First Tablet With New Tegra 3 Processor

ZTE have unveiled new Android tablet that features the latest in tablet technology. The ZTE T98 which is the first tablet to feature the new Tegra 3 processor.


The Tegra 3 processor or known as “Project Kal-El” has four 1.5 GHz AEM Cortex-A9 cores and an extra 500MHz core called “companion chip” that carries out tasks at low frequency, such as music playback in standby mode.
ZTE T98 will come with a 7 inch touch-screen (1280*800) , 1GB of RAM, 16GB of onboard memory, front 5 mega-pixel camera and back 2 mega-pixel camera. The T98 will run on Android 3.2 which is the latest version.
The ZTE T98 launch date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we expect it to launch in the Europe, Asia and US.


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