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Fantasy Wallpapers

Everbody has it on computer, so when I was surfing through internet, I found really beautiful wallpapers and now are in my collection. I want to share them with you to and maybe they will end up on your background of your operating system or maybe even Facebook profile picture. Enjoy! Read more →


Breakup Notifier

You like someone? But they’re in a relationship. Be the first to know when they’re out of it! Author if application is Dan Loewenherz. He programed this application this application for fun, but using this application rised to 100.000 users in just one day! Instructions 1) LOG IN with FACEBOOK 2)Choose friends you’re interested in and who are taken. 3)… Read more →


Facebook Data Center

With more than 500 million active users, Facebook is the busiest site on the Internet and has built an extensive infrastructure to support this rapid growth. The social networking site was launched in February 2004, initially out of Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg’s dorm room at Harvard University and using a single server. The company’s web servers and storage units are… Read more →