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How to Leave the Planet

You have been carefully selected as a totally random member of the Human Race. This chapter is for you. Before you read it: This chapter has been spontaneously generated by the PASSING ACQUAINTANCES OF THE EARTH computer. It will appear in this book when the computer judges that the Earth has passed the P.O.S.T.O.S.E.H. (Possibility of Sorting Things Out Sensibly… Read more →


Story of Stuff: People And System

Amazing story about how we live, destroying our planet so fast by toxic materials, how we using to much stuff, how we pollute forests,waters. How we are destroying so called third world and use their materials so we can live better, so we can feel materially rich. It’s not just sources that destroying everything but people. You should check out… Read more →


Places from Above by Yann Arthus-Bertrand

The result of the aerial photographer Yann Arthus-Bertrand’s five-year airborne odyssey across six continents. It’s a spectacular presentation of large scale photographs of astonishing natural landscapes. Every stunning aerial photograph tells a story about our changing planet. Cattle, Argentina Coal mine, South Africa Sha Kibbutz, Israel Military cemetery in Verdun, France Suburbs of Copenhagen, Denmark Elephants on the savannah, Botswana… Read more →